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I really enjoy all the lab experiments through which i have learned so much about conceptual understanding of the subjects.

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Thermal Evaporation using PVD

MM731 Lab Course

Thermal evaporation is a common method for PVD. It entails evaporating a solid substance in a vacuum using a resistive heat source to produce a thin film.

Electron Beam Evaporation

MM731 Lab Course

A synthesis technique that includes hitting a solid target with electron beam,leading to the expulsion of atoms.

DC Magnetron Sputtering

MM731 Lab Course

A target material to be utilised as the coating is attacked with ionised gas molecules, which causes atoms to "Sputter" off into the plasma.

DC Sputtering using PVD

MM731 Lab Course

Sputter deposition is a widely used technique to deposit thin films on substrates. The technique is based upon ion bombardment of a source material to the target.

Digital Logic Gates

PH506 Lab Course

The basic digital electronic circuit that has one or more inputs and single output is known as Logic gate.The Logic gates are the building blocks of any digital system.

Hall Effect in Semiconductors

PH506 Lab Course

The principle of the Hall effect states that when a current-carrying conductor introduced to a perpendicular magnetic field, a voltage can be measured at the right angle to the current path.

Electron Spin Resonance

PH506 Lab Course

Our fundamental aim was to determine the Lande g-factor using Electron Spin Resonance. We used diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH) as a sample.

Fabry Perot Experiment

PH506 Lab Course

We found wavelength of a monochromatic light,Determined gap between the plates of fabry-perot etalon,Finnesse and free spectral range (FSR).

Laser Beam Characteristics

PH506 Lab Course

We studied the Gaussian nature of laser beam, evaluated the diameter of laser Beam, divergence and also measure the polarization nature of the laser.

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