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Physicist Youth President Agra
//Words About
With Dean School of Management, Technical Universi of Munchen, Germany and Ms. Nele Terveen, Program coordinator

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Honored to receive my Completion Certificate from Prof. Gunther Friedl, Dean of the School of Management, TUM Germany, and Ms. Nele Terveen , Program Coordinator.

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to my wall
I'm a Sustainable Researcher, Entrepreneur and Leader.

I am an imaginative Thinker ,Sustainable researcher and deadline-driven workaholic student, currently studying at Metallurgical and Material Science Department, IIT Bombay.

Joint Secretary

MMA Council, MEMS Dept., IIT Bombay

Premium Instructor

Udemy Inc.- Global Educational Platform

Youngest Editor

Pahal Horizon, International Journal

Youth President

BRICS Human Rights Mission,Agra

National Player

57th National School Games Federation of India (SGFI)

Founder & CEO

Cryptoclip The Way You Like Startup

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Honored to belong these exceptional Community!


AN International Research Journal in Social Science, Humanities and Management

distinguished research journal committed to advancing knowledge and fostering interdisciplinary research in the related fields


Nanostructured Engineering and Modelling Laboratory

This lab is dedicated to unleashing the vast possibilities of nanotechnology, driving progress across electronics, energy, healthcare, and beyond.

MMA Council , IIT Bombay

Metals and Materials Association

The primary goal of MMA is to enhance interaction through activities, seminars, conferences. It raise awareness and promote growth in the field of metallurgical engineering.

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About Cryptoclip

We started it as digital learning platform which creates knowledgeable short clips like Cryptocast, Motivational,Informational etc. and creative Cryptoquizzes, Cryptozzle competitions that gives immense knowledge in short span. It's free of cost Career counselling from experienced people guides students to choose correct path for bettter future.

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My Story //

Some Words About Me

My Awesome Story

The worst hurdles sometimes goes towards great path. My life is also not an easy for me. Too much hurdles came in my way and always give me more strength to be a successful in my life.

How i admitted to orphanage ?

Blessed Boy
01. -

My childhood

The story begins with the Shri Maddayanand Orphanage at Yamuna Bridge. In 1996, a rickshaw puller brought a two and a half month old baby boy to the orphanage.This child was named Akash in the orphanage. His condition was was very severe and everyone was scared that how will they take care of him or will he survive? they admitted him at hospital and after 2 months he was discharged when normal.

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How i became expert in every arena ?

Multitalented Men
02. -

Topped in 12th standard

He topped the 12th standard from Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya, Agra. He also played Natioanal Championship of defence drill Choi-Kwang-Do at Chandigarh under the School Games Federation of India. He was also awarded in plethora of sports and co curricular activities by different government organisations.

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How i got admission at IIT and Visted Germany?

Alma Mater
03. -

My Research Work

After doing B.SC. from Dayalbagh Educational Institute in the year 2015, He got an opportunity to do MSc in Physics from IIT Gandhinagar after getting success in IIT JAM exam. He Conducted research on Micro Fluidic Bio-Sensors. In this, a device was made in which the slide to check diabetes was made of paper instead of plastic.Now he is studying at IIT Bombay. He also won the most prestigious scholarship to attend the International Summer School on Sustainable entrepreneurship at Technical University of Munich, Germany where he presented his sustainable business model idea infront of the world's best leading experts. Also worked in India's and world's leading reasearch institutionss given below as project fellow :

  • Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam

Why i started Justice for orphans Campeign?

Shri Mad Dayananda Orphanage, Agra
04. -

Shuttering off the orphanage

When he was in delhi , he heard the shocked news that administration sealed the 120 years old distinguished orphanage because of no registration in juvenile justice act without even warning. he came back there without wasting any time. There were 40 children living that time in the orphanage. He was totally in pain that he can not describe because he brought up and spend his whole childhood there.

  • He did hunger strike to reopen
  • Applied for new registration
  • Tried to make new commitee member
  • But he was totally unsuccessful to reopen because of so much hurdles. Then i started Justice for Orphans Campaign and trying till now get back children's orphanage.

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Instructor, Udemy Inc.

Global Digital Learning Platform

Hey Everyone! I am also a instructor at Udemy platform. There is one course on LaTeX Programming ,i have launched. LaTex is a powerful tool to make great documentation. It is a full course on this topic and you do not need to watch anything from anywhere. Soon i will upload more courses. Join my course on Udemy and learn faster.Your feedback is valuable for me.Wish you all the best.

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//Research Projects

How i Work?

My Research Projects

I worked on various topics related to scientific sustainability at esteeemed and well distinguished institutions of the World.

  • International Summer School

    Technische Universität München, Germany

    Sustainable Entrepreneurship : Theory and Practice.

    More Details
  • Project Work

    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

    Vis-NIR EM Waves Manipulation Using Chiral Metamaterials

    More Details
  • Master Thesis

    Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

    Design and development of Paper based microfluidic sensor.

    More Details

My Own Programming and
Design Skills

I firmly believe that hard work can give you everything that you desire. I mostly learn these Video editing, Graphics and Web Designing myself at home. Now i feel well prepared to make any type of professional work related to these skills.

//My Forte

Design Skills

These are some of my great skills that represents me in depth.
01. -

Graphics Design

Video Editing

Web Designing

Programming Skills

Some of the programming knowledge , I failed so many times but worked again and again to learn these.
02. -

Softwares Skills

Software which i worked on for my research purpose.
03. -



GNU Plot


Appreciation or Recommendation

What People Say On LinkedIn

I am thankful to everyone who has given me a valuable feedback or notes. It is such a great pleasure for me to have you in my life.

My Esteemed Institutions So Far

These are some of the premier institutes i have studied and worked so far. I feel so much proud to have such an amazing memories from these institutions.

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